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Broken Arrow Farm

Pastured Poultry, Beef & Dairy Cows, Emus & Meat Rabbits  


Our Rabbitry consists of about 30 producing does.

All of the breeding stock rabbits are purebred and pedigreed.

The rabbits in the Rabbitry consist of New Zealand Whites, Black, Blues , Californian & Rex.

 A main goal at Broken Arrow Farm is to produce quality meat rabbits.

The rabbits are fed a commercial 18% protein rabbit pellet that is chemical and hormone free. 

During the Spring and Summer months the rabbits are also supplemented with fresh greens. 

The rabbits are watered using an automatic watering system, this ensures that they never run 

out of fresh clean water.

The breeding stock rabbits are housed in raised wire cages in a building with natural and forced 

air ventilation. This ensures that the breeding stock is safe from predators and disease. 

For Sale

Broken Arrow Farm specializes in producing quality meat rabbits.

Feel free to contact us for current availability and prices.

The types of rabbits for sale include:

-Breeding stock rabbits 6 - 12 weeks of age, purebred & pedigreed: New Zealand White, Black, Blue , Californian and Rex- $50 each

- Processed Fryers - $9 per pound.